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QRS1e11 – American Dreams Participant; Inventor of The Cupcake Rack, Liz Crouch Tells How She Came up With Her Product
April 11, 2018 Carmine Denisco

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A CUPCAKE BOUQUET? THE FIRST TIME I SAW A CUPCAKE BOUQUET, I THOUGHT TO MYSELF THAT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I COULD EVER CREATE ANYTHING SO BEAUTIFUL! I had no cake decorating skills, no patience and absolutely no time, just like most Americans. I wanted to invent an easy and affordable way for anyone, just like me, to be able to easily create a deliciously gorgeous cupcake bouquet. The idea came about when my daughter, Chelsea, and I were planning a baby shower for my daughter, Shaanon. As a unique twist for the party, we were going to present a beautiful cupcake bouquet instead of a traditional cake. After pricing the bouquet, making one, DIY style, sounded like a better option. But then, after pricing the pieces to create a cupcake bouquet – Styrofoam ball, tissue paper, flower pot, toothpicks, etc. – and understanding that the end result may not end up as lovely as expected, a traditional cake seemed the most appropriate dessert for the shower. THERE WAS NO CUPCAKE BOUQUET AT OUR SHOWER, HOWEVER, AN IDEA WAS BORN!

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