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ILPS3e8 – License Your Invention; Viatek CEO Lou Lentine Discusses His Success Licensing Inventions
March 16, 2018 Carmine Denisco

Lou Lentine believes that the frontier of innovation starts with an idea. Developing products that make sense or solve a common problem is one of his biggest passions. In his opinion, watching a product blossom from an idea to a reality, to ultimately landing in the hands of a happy customer is the biggest success any inventor can reach. No stranger to direct response TV, Lou Lentine developed some of the most popular items on TV including the Hurricane Spin Mop, a revolutionary mopping system that cleans floors throughout the home without the use of harsh detergents. With the Hurricane Spin Mop floors are clean and dry in half the time. As a current top ASOTV seller, the Hurricane Spin Mop has landed on the shelves of major retail giants including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and CVS. The Hurricane is also being distributed in over 30 countries. The Inventors Launchpad – Roadmap to Success Series is presented by Inventors Launchpad in beautiful Tampa Bay, FL and hosted by Carmine Denisco. Carmine is an accomplished Author, Entrepreneur, Inventor and Co-founder/Managing Partner of Inventors Launchpad. Along with his business partner Rick Valderrama has changed the face of the invention industry and look forward to helping inventors from all over the world move their ideas forward. For more information please visit

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