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GBGBS1e8- Inventing Cryptocurrency
March 07, 2018 Carmine Denisco and J.D. Houvener

Jace is a software entrepreneur, user interface design expert and has built a handful of different projects and companies via bootstrapping and investor financing. He is also the co-creator of which is the #1 instant app building platform for amusement parks in the US. Jace is passionate about creating disruptive technologies using cutting edge software solutions such as the blockchain and more. He is passionate helping others become “crypto literate” and expand their own opportunities through this one in a lifetime blockchain movement. During Jace’s 13+ years experience in the software industry, he has never encountered anything more exciting than cryptocurrency, bitcoin and the blockchain technologies. After having dabbled in it as a curious observer in 2017, he fully jumped in with both feet and started building the world's first Cryptocurrency learning education platform that focuses on helping the masses on making their first Bitcoin investments and more.

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